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Scott Talkov

Attorney, Law Practice

Partition Attorney in California

Scott Talkov's Bio:

In the context of California law, a partition action refers to a legal proceeding where a co-owner of a property seeks to divide the property among the owners or force a sale of the property and divide the proceeds among the owners. This legal action can be initiated when the co-owners cannot agree on how to use or manage the property, or when one or more co-owners wish to sell their share of the property but the other co-owners do not agree to the sale. In a partition action, the court may order the physical division of the property into separate parcels or may order the sale of the property and distribution of the proceeds among the co-owners. The court may also appoint a receiver to manage the property during the proceedings if necessary. Partition actions can be complex legal proceedings, involving issues such as property valuation, accounting, and distribution of the sale proceeds. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an experienced real estate attorney to assist in navigating the legal process.

Scott Talkov's Experience:

  • Attorney/Owner at Talkov Law Corp.

Scott Talkov's Education:

  • Washington University in St Louis

    Concentration: Law

Scott Talkov's Interests & Activities:

Real Estate Partition Lawyer in California

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