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Scott Talkov

Attorney, Law Practice

Real Estate, Business, Family Law, Bankruptcy, and Trusts & Probate Attorney

Scott Talkov's Bio:

Real Estate, Business, and Bankruptcy Attorney serving all of California. Find us online at: Wixsite, WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger, Yola, and Mystrikingly. We have been awarded as top attorneys by some of the leading online sources! Our practice areas include: Real Estate AttorneyPartition AttorneyCommercial Landlord-Tenant AttorneyReal Estate Fraud AttorneyBankruptcy AttorneyChapter 7 Bankruptcy AttorneyBusiness Bankruptcy AttorneyBankruptcy Adversary AttorneyBankruptcy Creditor AttorneyBusiness AttorneyBreach of Contract AttorneyBusiness Fraud and Tort AttorneyMedia and First Amendment AttorneyAnti-SLAPP AttorneyFamily Law AttorneyChild Custody AttorneyPaternity AttorneyChild Support AttorneyDivorce AttorneyRestraining Order AttorneyFamily Law Contempt AttorneyAdoption AttorneyGuardianship Attorney

Scott Talkov's Experience:

  • Attorney/Owner at Talkov Law Corp.

Scott Talkov's Education:

  • Washington University in St Louis

    Concentration: Law

Scott Talkov's Interests & Activities:


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